It is a given fact that without the highest security measures we could not operate, and we take every security detail into account when dealing with your data.

We follow the GDPR guidelines strictly at all times

  1. Security of payment details
    Card details are sent to our payment service providers over highly secure 256bit encrypted direct connections. Card details are not held locally with Copyright Services, and are never stored or transmitted in a unencrypted format. Our payment service providers are also regularly audited by Visa and MasterCard to ensure that their systems conform to the latest security standards.
  2. Upload security
    When you upload files, you are uploading directly to our servers over an 256bit encrypted, secure connection, so the security and integrity of the files you transmit is assured.
  3. Security of other data and information
    All data you enter is transmitted over a 256bit encrypted, secure connection, that directly connects your computer to and one of our servers.
  4. The storage and transmission processes are self hosted, so we do not rely on any third party to store or transmit your personal data. This provides absolute security for the data you transfer, and ensures that only authorised personnel have access to your data after upload.